She Attended The Funeral For Her Boyfriend’s Ex-Wife, And Someone Confronted Her, As They Felt It Was Inappropriate

Chris Willemsen - - illustrative purposes only

When you enter a relationship with someone who has to stay in touch with their ex for one reason or another, it can be tricky to set boundaries.

One woman felt it was appropriate to attend her boyfriend’s ex-wife’s funeral, as she was the mother of his children, and she wanted to show his family support. However, many attendees felt it was extremely inappropriate.

She has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Liam, for a while now. Liam has two kids from his former marriage to his ex-wife, Lauren, and she has a son of her own.

Liam always had to stay in touch with Lauren because of his kids, but Lauren made it clear she did not approve of his new relationship, despite her not meeting Liam until he had already been divorced for 10 years.

“We never officially met after Liam and I started dating, but we were obviously aware of each other,” she said.

“They stayed friends after the divorce. A few years into our relationship, they had a falling out [which had] nothing to do with me and stopped talking. All that being said, Lauren passed away recently. Liam is, of course, having a hard time with it. She was the mother of two of his kids, after all, and now his kids are obviously devastated. It’s a lot of emotion to handle, and Liam and I are each other’s main source of emotional support.”

When Lauren’s wake came up, she asked Liam if he wanted her there and he said he did. They also decided she should go to support him and his kids, especially since Liam’s daughter asked her to attend.

The majority of the wake went fine, but it wasn’t until after the speeches were made and everyone started mingling that things went south. At that point, she was standing off to the side of the room with her son while Liam made some rounds talking to people.

Then, a woman she had never met before went up to her, confirmed she was Liam’s girlfriend, and told her it was “very inappropriate” for her to be there.

Chris Willemsen – – illustrative purposes only

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