She Called Out Her Best Friend For Flirting With Another Guy At A Bar And Told Her Friend’s Fiancé, Causing The Couple To Get In A Massive Fight

spaskov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Just the other night, this woman decided to go out to the bar with her best friend, Sarah, and her friend’s fiancé, Mark.

In the beginning, everything was fine, too, and they were simply having a “chill time.” But then, Mark wound up stepping out to take a phone call, and she saw her friend do something that really shocked her while he was gone.

Apparently, Sarah started talking to another guy at the bar and getting a “little too cozy.” In other words, her best friend was flirting with another man.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes at first,” she recalled, “But then, it kept going, and I knew I had to say something.”

She did have a short internal debate, wondering whether or not she should just keep her mouth shut. Ultimately, though, she decided to pull Sarah to the side and front her best friend about what she saw.

Once she did that, Sarah immediately became defensive and denied flirting with the guy. She actually understood why her friend reacted that way, too.

“I mean, who wants to be called out like that, right?” she said.

Well, then, Mark actually finished up his phone call and walked back over. Afterward, she told Mark about the flirting she saw, and Sarah totally blew up on her.

First, she got accused of trying to sabotage Sarah and Mark’s relationship, and the situation quickly became extremely awkward.

spaskov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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