She Doesn’t Want The Stray Dog Her Husband Found Living In Her House, So Now He Won’t Stop Calling Her Cruel

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This woman’s husband adores dogs, and she believes that if he could, he’d own 15 dogs. She likes dogs but doesn’t love them as much as her husband.

While she acknowledged that they’re adorable, she pointed out that they’re a lot of work and responsibility for which she doesn’t have the energy for.

Her husband works in animal control, and while on the job, he found a stray dog that he adored the moment he saw him. She admitted that the dog is adorable, but it didn’t change her views on how much work it takes to care for a dog. Plus, she likes cats better.

After her husband found the stray, he told her he wanted to keep him, adding that the dog was calm. However, they already have a male Rottweiler named Max, who her husband has owned since before they started dating.

“He used to take good care of him, but he has since developed some health issues, which has meant that he can’t do it anymore, so all dog duties have fallen on me,” she said.

Even though she is upset that her husband stopped caring for Max, she cares for him without whining. Her husband said another dog could be nice for Max, who would have a fellow dog friend.

She told her husband there was no guarantee that Max would be happy about a new family entering their home, adding that they must take baby steps to get the two dogs acquainted with one another.

During the conversation, she questioned how this transition would look while they had to keep the dogs separated.

“His solution was to bring this STRAY DOG inside and let him wander around the house. Meanwhile, my INFANT SON spends all his time on the floor (I have a baby mat for him with toys),” she explained.

honey_paws – – illustrative purposes only

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