She Feels Her Friend Set Her Up To Fail As A Maid Of Honor By Expecting Her To Take On More Responsibilities, Even Though She Told Her She Couldn’t

She pointed out that when she expressed her concerns about accepting the role, B assured her that all she had to do was stand up with her during the wedding ceremony.

In response, B claimed that she assumed she’d be motivated to take on more responsibilities as they got closer to the wedding date. She told B she was sorry for letting her down, and they ended their call soon after. They haven’t talked since then, and she’s worried there’s tension in their friendship now.

“I don’t want to make it worse by getting defensive, but I’m feeling kind of resentful. Looking back on the months leading up to the wedding, it felt like B set me up to fail by telling me I wasn’t expected to be involved with things I apparently was. Was I supposed to be a mind reader?” she wondered.

In hindsight, it felt unfair that B would have expected her to take on maid of honor duties she’d never agreed to or known she was expected to in the first place. When they had the initial conversation, and B asked her to be the maid of honor, she was honest about her hesitancy.

She told B from the start that she wasn’t in a financial position to plan huge events for her, and when B expressed that this was fine, she took B at her word.

Later, she asked her mother and sister what they thought about the situation. Her sister agreed that it was B’s responsibility to tell her what she expected from her as a maid of honor.

On the other hand, her mother told her she shouldn’t have accepted the role if she knew she couldn’t take on the expected responsibilities.

Upon reflection, she wondered if she’d been a terrible maid of honor and friend, but she couldn’t help feeling irritated that B wasn’t honest about what she expected from her during the wedding planning process.

Do you think she did anything wrong?

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