She Found Out Her Dad Kidnapped Her Mom And Forced Her To Marry Him

GVS - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Young people often gush about the older generation’s dating stories and how much more romantic it was back then. The classic gestures that took place, such as writing love letters and participating in dances, make us believe that love was purer in the past.

However, the stories of older generations weren’t always filled with sunshine and butterflies. Sometimes, some truly horrific crimes are simply just repackaged into a tale of romance.

Around four years ago, TikToker Jacqueline Barrera Dowling (@jbarrera404) discovered the truth about her parents’ love story. Her parents have been married for 33 years. Her mom was 27, and her dad was 28 when they got married.

Growing up, Jacqueline was always told that her parents met at a park, and her dad had bought lunch for her mom. Her brother heard the same story, except he was told that they met at the mall.

The truth came out after one of Jacqueline’s cousins mentioned something about kidnapping during a family event. When she asked her mom about it, she came clean and explained the real story. Apparently, her parents met at work in North Carolina. Her mom had come over from Mexico and was living with her older brothers, who were really strict. They wouldn’t let her go out or date.

So, one day, her dad decided to take matters into his own hands. He even got the supervisor at work to help him out with his plan. The supervisor created a ruse, telling her mom that she needed to work in the other building.

Her dad offered to drive her over there in his car. When they drove past the building, her mom started to freak out a little bit.

That’s when he announced that he was actually taking her to Georgia to meet his family so they could get married. She began to panic and even tried to lie about not having her heart medication and needing to go back for it.

He did not fall for the trick, so they kept driving until they reached Georgia, where he introduced her to his mom, Jacqueline’s grandmother.

GVS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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