She Gave Her Husband Permission To Date Other Women, But He Never Did: Now He Wants To When Things Are Rocky Between Them - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For close to nine years now, this 30-year-old woman has been with her 28-year-old husband, and they tied the knot four years ago.

She can honestly say for most of their relationship, things have been stable and wonderful between them.

But then, last year, they hit a bad spot. She ended up having to leave their home for 9 long months due to a problem from their past that they created.

She doesn’t want to dive into the details, but it was hard for her to spend that kind of time away from her husband.

They had to sublease two rooms in their apartment, and they remained a 5-hour train ride apart until February of this year when she came home.

Throughout their time apart, they fought constantly, her husband didn’t support her, and she felt terribly betrayed.

Divorce came up multiple times, but they decided to ultimately stay with one another. But then, earlier this month, they had to separate for their internships, and she’s currently in Sweden while he is in Colombia.

“During our relationship, especially because we got together so young, I have been okay with him dating other women as long as it was all out in the open and with good communication,” she explained.

“I even found it exciting at times. This was only ever the case because I felt very safe and stable in our love and relationship and never felt any threat; rather saw it as normal to find some excitement and ego-boost from little crushes.” – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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