She Got Drunk On Her Husband’s Birthday And Started Texting The Guy She’s Having An Emotional Affair With Right In Front Of Him

Anyway, she ended up texting the guy she was having an emotional affair with right in front of her husband.

When he saw what she was doing, he absolutely lost in on her.

“However, the next day, he completely forgave me and wants to stay together,” she said. “I’m really uneasy about this because I never thought in a million years I would be the type of person to cheat on my partner, and 1) I think he deserves better, and 2) I don’t like who I’m turning into.”

“He made the point, though, that if I ask for a divorce after he’s made the decision to forgive me, I’ll just be hurting him twice.”

“Would I be even more horrible by leaving, or is all of this a sign this relationship shouldn’t continue?”

Since she has given her husband a valid reason to be angry at her, she’s concerned that if she does stay married to him, he will only throw this in her face when he goes on future tirades.

She’s also not convinced that he has it in his heart to forgive her entirely for what she did. She’s really on the fence about what to do now.

She’s wondering if leaving her husband and hurting him two times makes her an awful person. She’s also curious if she should just end the marriage now and allow her husband to find another woman who wants to actually be with him.

What do you think she should do?

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