She Joined Forces With The Women Her Boyfriend Cheated On Her With To Seek Revenge

Look! - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A good tale of well-deserved revenge never fails to make your insides feel warm and bubbly, especially when multiple wronged parties band together to inflict retribution.

TikToker Daniella (@daniella.your.bff) is sharing a story from a girl named Shelby about her cheating ex-boyfriend and how she joined forces with the other woman to seek revenge on him.

Shelby was living in New York City and dating a well-known actor. He was super cute and a little quirky. For some reason, he would always act really weird whenever she wore lipstick or lip gloss, complaining about how his lips would get all sticky if they kissed.

It got to the point where Shelby just stopped wearing lip products altogether. One day, she was in his car and happened to open the glove box. Inside, she discovered lipstick and a hairbrush.

The lipstick was dark brown and reddish in color, which was a shade she would never wear. Her gut was telling her that something was off.

She also noticed that he kept texting a girl named Mary. So, she went onto his social media page and checked his following list for any girls named Mary.

After scrolling for a little while, she found Mary’s profile page. In her profile picture, Mary was wearing the same shade of lipstick Shelby had come across in the glove box. She messaged Mary to ask her how well she knew the actor.

Immediately, Shelby could tell that Mary was a good person because of the detailed response she gave. She told Shelby that she didn’t know him very well, but over the past few weeks, they had been on some dates.

Shelby informed her that she had been dating him for six months. Mary apologized, saying that she had no idea.

Look! – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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