She Once Dated A Doctor Who Said Said He Didn’t Believe A Woman Should Be Working More Than Or Just As Much As A Man

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The dating world is a tough place for all women to navigate in general, but it’s even more challenging for educated women, especially if they’re women of color.

Despite the fact that we have entered a new, modern era, the idea that a woman’s place is in the kitchen still persists. As a result, a woman’s career is often considered less important than a man’s.

A TikTok user who goes by the handle @doctor.starmd is discussing what dating is like as a surgery resident physician. The majority of her experiences had been great, but some were just beyond awful.

One time, she decided to try to pursue another doctor, even though she was actually against dating doctors.

He served as a stark reminder of why she had implemented that rule for herself in the first place. This guy was also a surgery resident, and he was a little higher up than her.

They went on a date and were having a good time until he asked what made her decide to become a surgeon.

She proudly explained in depth why she chose her career. When she was done, he gave a response that made her immediately write him off.

He told her that if he ever married a doctor, he would want her to be a dermatologist or work in family medicine because he didn’t believe that a woman should be working more than or just as much as a man.

She could not believe that he had the audacity to imply that she needed to change her career for him.

ross – – illustrative purposes only

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