She’s Sick And Tired Of Her Wife And Best Friend Only Ever Talking About Taylor Swift Because Their Obsession Makes Her Feel Really Excluded

zinkevych - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 42-year-old woman and her wife, 35, started dating a decade ago and have been married for seven years. She’s been friends with B, 36, for 15 years. After she introduced her wife to B, her wife and B became friends, too. The three of them get together every few months.

B has been a huge Taylor Swift fan throughout their friendship. Whenever she spent time with B, the topic of Taylor Swift’s music came up often. B also discussed going to her concerts, but they always had many other topics to discuss. She and B shared updates on their love lives, jobs, and family situations. They often chatted about movies, TV shows, and other musicians.

“I do not care about Taylor Swift one way or the other. I don’t hate her, but I am sick of how overexposed she’s been in the last couple of years. My wife has been a casual fan of Taylor Swift for several years but has gone full Swiftie in the last few,” she said.

Over the last two years, her wife has been obsessed with Taylor Swift. Her wife stressed about buying Eras Tour tickets (which she succeeded in). All of her wife’s spare time is spent consuming Taylor Swift-related content on Discord, TikTok, Reddit, and other forums dedicated to the musician. Her wife also texts B to discuss Taylor Swift.

Not a day goes by that her wife doesn’t mention Taylor Swift news, gossip, or merchandise releases. Her wife acts like every Taylor Swift update is urgent, and she must immediately research to find more information and chat about it. While she normally enjoyed hanging out with her wife and B when they gathered together, the last two years haven’t been as fun when they get together.

At every hangout, her wife and B gush about Taylor Swift and don’t want to discuss anything else. While she respects their passions and believes everyone should do what brings them joy, she doesn’t have fun at dinner or drinks while they discuss Taylor Swift for two or three hours nonstop.

“I’m sitting there bored out of my mind, having no idea what they’re talking about. I try not to go on my phone when I’m with others because it’s rude, but if I get too quiet and/or start looking at my phone because I’ve stopped listening, they make fun of me,” she explained.

Several months ago, during a hangout with her wife and B, she suggested they only discuss Taylor Swift for an hour and, from there, move on to other topics so that she’s not left out. Her wife and B looked uncomfortable and told her they were sorry. Even though they assured her they’d stop talking about Taylor Swift after an hour, they spent the entire night discussing her.

“I interrupted multiple times to remind them they’d promised. After that, I told my wife that she and B should just hang out on their own if they could not talk about anything else. It’s boring for me and a waste of my time and money,” she shared.

zinkevych – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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