She Refused To Babysit Her Niece At The Last Minute Because She Already Had Plans For A Relaxing Night, But Now Her Sister’s Giving Her The Cold Shoulder

darakaliton - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s sister, Emma, is a single mom and has a young daughter. But she’s getting pretty sick and tired of her sister constantly showing up on her doorstep and dropping off her niece without any warning.

For some context, Emma is always asking her to babysit with little to no notice.

“I usually agree because I adore my niece and understand that life as a single parent can be like juggling chainsaws,” she said.

But just last weekend was an entirely different story. At the time, she had made plans for a very relaxing night at home. It was just supposed to be her and a good book – which she’d been dying to read for weeks.

Then, right as she was getting comfortable, the phone rang, and she got asked to babysit for Emma – who had apparently received a last-minute invitation to a dinner party.

“And this time, I decided to stand my ground and told her I couldn’t do it,” she recalled.

This seemingly shocked Emma, too, who tried to guilt-trip her by accusing her of letting her sister down. Plus, Emma tried to claim that family should always be there for each other.

“But I felt like I needed to draw a line in the sand for my own sanity,” she said.

Emma still didn’t understand that, though, and they proceeded to get into a big argument. Since then, her sister has also been giving her the cold shoulder and making her feel like a total villain.

darakaliton – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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