She Ruined A First Date With A Guy By Rescuing Two Abandoned Puppies From The Side Of The Road And Causing Him To Get Covered In Fleas

jardul - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

There is a stark difference between a bad date for a woman and a bad date for a man. If you ask a woman what her worst date was, she’ll probably tell you a story that scares the living daylights out of you. Ask a man about his worst date, and he’ll share something that will most likely make you laugh.

TikToker @kaceellewelyn is talking about an incident where she ruined a date. For this date, she took a guy to a dog park, and it turned out to be his worst date ever. But, at least he didn’t have to fear for his safety like many women do on dates.

He met up with her at her house, where she lived with her parents, so they could drive her truck to the dog park because she had a very large dog. They had a really good time at the park and talked until the sun started to set.

Little did they know, this dog park adventure was about to take a wild turn. When they finally got back on the road to return to her place, something ran across the road in front of her truck, causing her to slam on the brakes.

They parked and exited the vehicle to find out what it was. There were two puppies fighting near a box that was placed in the shade of a tree.

The puppies were extremely thin, and the box was filled with vomit. She knew she couldn’t leave them in such poor condition, so she asked her date to hold them in his lap while she drove.

On the way home, she stopped by the store to pick up some dog shampoo. When they arrived back at her place, she snuck her date and the puppies through the side door of the house to the basement.

Then, they headed to the bathroom to give the puppies a bath. As they began washing the puppies, she noticed several little black dots floating in the water.

She realized that the puppies had fleas and immediately thought about how her date had been holding the puppies.

jardul – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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