She’s A Huge Formula 1 Fan And Got Free VIP Passes To Watch The Races In Miami, But Her Boyfriend Doesn’t Want Her To Go On This Once-In-A-Lifetime Trip Because He Thinks It’s Suspicious She Got The Tickets From A Guy

xy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 23-year-old woman and her boyfriend, 26, have been dating for over three years. She loves Formula 1, and yesterday, a close friend texted her and said she bought tickets to the Grand Prix in Miami this weekend. Her friend told her she had four three-day VIP passes.

“The passes were gifted to her by a friend (a male who she has known since high school) who has a high-up job and has connections,” she said.

She happily accepted when her friend asked if she wanted one of the tickets. Since some of her family lives in Miami, she’ll have a place to stay for free while attending the races. Her friend gave her the ticket for free, so she only had to pay for her airfare.

During the weekend in Miami, she’ll be with her friend, her friend’s sister, and her friend’s sister’s boyfriend. She excitedly texted her boyfriend to tell him she’d be in Miami at the Grand Prix, and he acted cold in response.

“He talked to his co-workers, and they all think it’s suspicious that a ‘guy’ is gifting us tickets for free and that ‘nothing is ever free,'” she explained.

Her boyfriend was concerned that she’d party with executives since she had a VIP ticket, but she didn’t think his concerns were valid. She doesn’t drink or party and only cares about watching the races.

During the conversation, her boyfriend acknowledged that he was self-conscious. However, he doubled down on his opinion that the entire situation was “suspicious.”

He vented about how she lucks out and has opportunities to have fun while he works a lot, which he didn’t think was fair. They plan to get engaged later this year and purchase a home next year.

Yesterday, her boyfriend said they shouldn’t discuss engagement rings until he buys a house and a new vehicle. She and her boyfriend are taking a trip in two weeks, but he said he no longer wanted to go.

xy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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