His Girlfriend Said She’s Only Dating Him Because He’s Rich

Nick Starichenko - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Early last year, this 28-year-old man met his 26-year-old girlfriend, Mary, on a dating app. He says they instantly fell in love and had amazing chemistry.

It all seemed picture-perfect to him. Then, last August, he got a wonderful job opportunity that required him to pick up and move to the other side of the country.

Mary was happy to quit her job and make the move with him, and everything has been excellent in their brand-new city. He purchased a place for them to live, and they have been making some new friends.

Mary has grown quite close to a girl named Amy, and they spend a lot of time together. A couple of nights ago, they all went to a bar, and that’s the first time that Amy has ever met him. The night went great, and then they all got into an Uber to head home.

“At the tail-end of the Uber ride, I overheard Amy and Mary in the back seat talking about our relationship,” he explained.

“Amy first made a comment in the vein of, “he doesn’t look how I’d expect, like not in a bad way, just not how I expected.” Shortly after, Amy asked Mary how she knew she wanted to make the move with me, to which Mary replied: “oh, well, <my name> is rich.”

“We’d all been drinking a bit, so I know things slip out, but it really caught me off guard. I don’t think they realized that I could hear them since I seemed preoccupied up front with my emails, but they weren’t exactly whispering either. Honestly, it stung, and both Amy and Mary laughed after the exchange.”

After Amy exited the car, he did his best not to speak to Mary. Then when they returned home, he mentioned to Mary that he heard everything she had said to Amy.

Mary didn’t deny any of her words, and he went to go sleep on the couch, telling her he needed to take some space.

Nick Starichenko – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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