She Thinks Her Boyfriend Is Lying About Being Allergic To Her Puppy In Order To Force Her To Get Rid Of Him

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Two months ago, this 21-year-old girl decided to adopt a puppy since she lives all alone and wanted a companion.

Unfortunately, her 21-year-old boyfriend obviously does not like her puppy in the least. Her boyfriend lives at home with his parents, yet he spends weekends at her place.

Pretty much every single time her boyfriend comes over, they end up getting into fights over her puppy.

In the latest argument they got into, her boyfriend told her she should find her puppy a new home since he thinks her puppy doesn’t behave and acts obnoxious.

“I countered that with the fact that he is only 3-months-old, not to mention he’s already potty trained for the most part, very friendly with people and dogs, and can do some tricks,” she explained.

“That being said, in one of the arguments, he brought up a hypothetical: “Would you give him away if I was allergic.” I’ll admit I said yes since he has shown no signs of allergies. Or at least I thought.”

Earlier today, her boyfriend sent her a text saying he’s come down with a painful rash that he knows is from her puppy.

The problem is, she doesn’t exactly believe her boyfriend and she thinks he’s making up lies in order to force her to get rid of her puppy.

Her boyfriend has not been to her house in two days, so she doesn’t understand how the rash he allegedly has could be the fault of her pup.

tselykh – – illustrative purposes only

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