She Told Her Pregnant Teenaged Daughter That She Needs To Move Out As Soon As Possible Because She Doesn’t Want Anymore Children Living In Her Home

KOTO - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman’s daughter, Rose, 19, has always been incredibly intelligent. Rose was a great student and received a full ride to a reputable university in the area.

While attending college, Rose has continued living with her and continued her academic success. Rose began a relationship several months ago, and she can’t stand Rose’s boyfriend.

“He constantly lets her down but covers it up with a big smile and grand promises. Despite my warnings, they’re still dating, and now she’s pregnant,” she said.

Rose told her she wanted to keep the baby and that she and her boyfriend would get married and have a beautiful family.

The plan Rose and her boyfriend concocted was that he would move in with her and Rose and provide for Rose and the baby with his bartending job.

Rose would drop out of college, and her boyfriend isn’t in school. When she laughed at the absurdity of this plan, Rose got angry.

“Rose told me that since he can’t move in, I’ll need to step up and help with the baby more. She has always been a sensible child. I don’t know where this all has come from,” she explained.

In response, she told Rose that since she believes she’s adult enough to get married and have and care for a baby, she has to move out on her own and start a life with her boyfriend, who got her pregnant.

She gave birth to Rose when she was 19, but the situation was completely different than Rose’s because she was married, and her husband was in the military.

KOTO – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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