She Unknowingly Cheated On Her Husband With His Half Brother, But Then She Learned Her Husband Had A Secret Family

Nina - - illustrative purposes only

When your partner travels frequently for work, the distance can leave you both wanting more. As a result, cheating can happen on both sides.

TikToker @vickinosecret is confessing to her infidelity on the Internet, but that’s not even the worst part. You’ll have to read it to believe it because it’s downright messy business.

She came to the realization that the man she had been cheating on her husband with was actually his half-brother, and their affair led her to discover that her husband had a second family. She is also pregnant, which is just the cherry on top of this sweet scandal.

So she has been married to her husband for eight years, and they have three kids together. Her husband is currently overseas, where he has been for about two years. He goes home three times a year and stays for two to three weeks.

Seeing her husband for such little time has caused her to feel pretty lonely, so she ended up cheating on him with another man.

It all started when she went to a bar. She met a guy there, and they had a one-night stand. But then, the one-night stand turned into them sleeping together almost every night.

Their relationship was purely physical, so she didn’t really bother to get to know the man. They have been messing around for two years now.

When their affair first started, they would meet up in a hotel room, but now, she would just go to his house.

Recently, she found out she was pregnant, and there was no way it could be her husband’s since he was overseas.

Nina – – illustrative purposes only

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