She Videotaped Her In-Laws Fighting And Threatened To Play It For The Rest Of The Family Because Her Mother-In-Law Always Acts Like She Has A Perfect Marriage

Svetlana - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her husband had to move in with her husband’s mother and stepfather for the time being. She isn’t thrilled about this temporary living situation, especially because her mother-in-law isn’t the easiest person to be around.

“My mother-in-law loves to one-up and tell me my marriage is falling apart. She made jokes when my husband didn’t get me anything on Valentine’s Day,” she said.

She said she doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day because she views it as a commercial, materialistic holiday. In her opinion, her husband doesn’t need to buy her things to prove he loves her.

On several occasions, her mother-in-law heard her arguing with her husband and pulled them aside. Her mother-in-law condescendingly attempted to give them some words of wisdom, but the point of the lecture was mainly to mock how terrible she thought their marriage was.

It always seems like her husband’s mom is comparing her marriage to theirs. Her mother-in-law mocks them for not showing affection around others, but they aren’t comfortable doing so. In addition, his mom constantly brags about how much his stepfather “spoils” her.

Even though it’s always appeared on the outside like her in-laws’ marriage is flawless, she acknowledged that every couple has issues. Several nights ago, her mother-in-law left the house to get together with friends, and her husband’s stepfather stayed home. After his mom came home, she was awoken by her mother-in-law yelling at her husband’s stepfather.

“I guess my mother-in-law found out that he told people he is ‘responsible for that,’ meaning her face. Hi is a plastic surgeon and was using it to drum up business by saying, ‘Oh, look at my wife,'” she explained.

Besides Botox, her mother-in-law hasn’t had any other work done, so she was angry with her husband for lying and making people think she’d had plastic surgery. In her opinion, their argument was hysterical. Her mother-in-law was yelling her head off.

“He was like, ‘But your face is mathematically perfect,’ like she would take it as a compliment. I took my phone out and began recording,” she shared.

Svetlana – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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