She Was Talking To A Guy Who Used Clorox Wipes To Clean Himself After Going To The Bathroom

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It is common knowledge that disinfecting wipes are used to clean surfaces and contact objects, such as doorknobs and cabinet handles around the house.

Even though the label on the container of these household cleaning products warns against using them on the human body, some individuals do it anyway, applying the harsh, abrasive chemicals on sensitive areas.

TikToker Tina (@tinacolada21) is spilling the story about how she found out a guy she was talking to was an avid user of Clorox wipes.

She had been talking to a guy, and at some point in the conversation, they started debating over what they thought the best brand of toilet paper was. To this day, she still has no idea how the topic came up.

She stated that she really liked Charmin because it was super soft. He then revealed that he didn’t know which brands were good because he didn’t use toilet paper. Confused, Tina asked him how he cleaned himself up after going to the bathroom.

He clarified that he used flushable wet wipes. She was relieved upon hearing his answer because, for one horrible minute there, she thought that he didn’t use anything to clean himself.

But then, he went on to voice his appreciation for Clorox wipes.

That was when Tina’s smile visibly fell into a frown. She told him that he couldn’t use Clorox wipes on his body.

He declared that it was the only way to avoid getting stains in his underwear, openly admitting that he used to get stains all the time, but now it only happened two to three times per week.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only

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