She Wouldn’t Help Her Sister Pay For A Designer Wedding Dress Worth Thousands Of Dollars, And Now She’s Getting Accused Of Ruining Her Dream Wedding

Yuliia - - illustrative purposes only

As you get older, you realize that planning and hosting a wedding can be extremely expensive, and you often have to give up some of the extravagant things you wanted at your wedding when you were a kid. It’s a bitter pill to swallow; sometimes, not everyone can swallow it.

One woman recently had to turn down her little sister, who asked her to pay for her expensive wedding dress because she had gone over her wedding budget.

She and her little sister Emily have always been close. Emily is getting married in a few months, and they’ve been so excited to celebrate together.

While she’s tried to be supportive through the wedding planning process, it hasn’t been easier, and it recently got much harder.

“It turns out Emily’s way over budget, and the main culprit is the dress,” she said.

“She fell in love with this designer gown [that costs] thousands of dollars. Last week, she sat me down and, with this hopeful look in her eyes, [asked] if I would pay for it as an extra special wedding gift.”

She was shocked by Emily’s request, and while she wants her sister to be happy with her wedding, the dress costs so much money.

She works a freelance job and has an unpredictable flow of income. Although she has some money in her savings, she’d rather keep it in there in case of emergency.

“I kindly explained all this and tried to steer her toward more affordable options, [like] renting a dress,” she recalled.

Yuliia – – illustrative purposes only

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