She Wouldn’t Wear The Wedding Dress Her Stepsister Handmade For Her, So She Got Scolded By Her Father The Day After She Tied The Knot

Vasil - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Sometimes, there are certain occasions and milestones in your life where you must put your foot down and insist on doing things your way. One of those occasions is your wedding day.

One woman recently had to tell her stepsister she wouldn’t wear the wedding gown she handmade for her because it wasn’t the design they originally agreed upon. Now, she’s dealing with drama between her and her dad’s girlfriend.

She’s 25 and married her 27-year-old husband two weeks ago. While they paid for most of their wedding expenses, her dad chipped in for a few things.

Her dad has a girlfriend named Stella, who has a 21 year old daughter named Zoey. Zoey dreams of being a fashion designer and is getting a degree in fashion. 

“She wants to get into the wedding dress industry once she graduates, and when I started planning my wedding, she offered to design and make my dress,” she said.

“I was hesitant at first, as I’d been excited about picking out my own dress. I agreed because I didn’t know Zoey well and thought this could be a nice opportunity to bond. Also, I’d seen some of her work. She’d made a couple of ball gowns in college, and she seemed good.”

After meeting with Zoey to discuss her wedding dress, she realized that their taste in fashion was drastically different, but eventually, they settled on a design they both liked. She gave Zoey her measurements and asked her to check in with her and give her updates on the dress’ progress before the wedding.

Unfortunately, Zoey hardly gave her any updates. Whenever she asked for one, Zoey said she’d send her progress pictures when she got home but never did. 

It wasn’t until a month before the wedding that Zoey invited her to try on the dress, which was a disaster. It looked nothing like the design they agreed on. Everything from the color, style, and fit was wrong. It fit Zoey’s taste perfectly but not hers.

Vasil – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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