She’s Talking To A Guy On A Dating App Who Doesn’t Recognize Her Now That She Stopped Heavily Filtering Her Photos

Jeff McCollough - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Heavily filtering your photos on a dating app can definitely come across like catfishing to some people, depending on how different you make yourself look.

A lot of people also consider filtering your photos to be some kind of false advertising, as it’s not an accurate representation of who you are in real life.

Whether you’re trying to improve how your face or body looks, it doesn’t matter; expectations won’t match reality for the person you’re speaking to.

This young woman used to be so into filtering her photos that she says she edited them into “oblivion.”

A couple of years ago, she matched with a guy on two separate dating apps, and all she had were heavily edited photos of herself.

She admits she was so insecure, and that’s the reason why she never felt comfortable with leaving her photos untouched.

“At that time, this guy wasn’t very interested, and we never ended up meeting,” she explained.

“Looking back, I’m guessing it was because he was weirded out by all the obvious filters and editing and felt suspicious of me. Today, [we] matched on Bumble again years after.”

“This time, my profile pictures all have zero filters or editing, and he is very interested and eager to get to know me and says he is looking for a serious relationship. Then he asked for my name (I have a nickname instead of my full name on my Bumble profile currently), and this made me realize he actually does not recognize me.”

Jeff McCollough – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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