She’s Wondering What’s Wrong With Her After Her Best Friend Didn’t Ask Her To Be A Bridesmaid, Yet Asked Six Other Girls

“One of these friends truly starts drama with her every single week and ruined her bachelorette trip by starting an argument, and the other friend is super sweet, but my friend has admitted that she is not super close with her,” she added.

“I have also heard this friend’s name mentioned like once…Her wedding is a week away, and honestly, I have made excuses for her this entire time, but I’m just wondering what gives and what is wrong with me?” I get along with all her friends and her fiancé, even his family. We have never been anything but close.”

“It’s been really awkward every time I’ve had to answer why I’m not in the wedding if we’re so-called “best friends.” I have been distancing myself because my feelings are hurt, and it hurts me to do so because I love her so much, but she has truly shown me that I am less important to her than she is to me, I guess. Should I ever say anything in the future or just distance myself?”

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