During A Family Dinner With His In-Laws, He Told His Wife That He Won’t Have To Worry About Their Finances Next Year Because They’ll Be Divorced By Then

“We haven’t talked much since then [and recently], her parents visited for dinner,” he recalled.

“Despite my best efforts to keep them out of it, Jen announced my new job to her parents by saying maybe I’ll stop ‘complaining about money’ once I start.”

“I don’t know why I said it, but I replied with, ‘Oh, don’t worry, Jen. I won’t have to worry about money a year from now because we’ll be divorced by then.’ Things got quiet real quick after, and I excused myself. Her parents left shortly after, and she slept on the couch to avoid talking to me.”

Things have been very tense between him and Jen since then, and while he admits he shouldn’t have blurted out such a harsh comment, Jen has been making him upset about their job situation.

How could he smooth things over with his wife?

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