Her Fiancé Says If They Can’t Have Kids, He’s Divorcing Her For A Younger Woman Who Can Make Him A Dad

fizkes - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Not that long ago, this 33-year-old woman got engaged to her fiancé, who is the same age as her. She admits they have had highs and lows throughout the course of their relationship, but mainly, they have the same ideas for what they want in life.

They are both very successful in their respective careers, and dream of getting to be involved parents when the time comes.

They have discussed having a minimum of two biological children together, and starting their family sometime soon has come up a lot for them.

“We have had several discussions where my partner states that if we try to have children and it doesn’t happen in a timely manner (1-2 years), he would divorce me and find a younger woman who could fulfill his dreams of being a father,” she explained.

“Naturally, this makes me sick to my stomach. I acknowledge that fatherhood is important to him, and I would do absolutely everything in my power to ensure our chances are as good as they can be.”

“But if fate sees fit to not give us children despite our best efforts, I would feel horrible to be discarded. I feel like I’m about to marry someone who values me just for my uterus and what that part of my anatomy can provide him.”

If the tables were turned and she was to find out that her fiancé wasn’t fertile, she would still stay with him.

She is signing up fully for “in sickness and in health,” and she wants to be with her fiancé for who he is, regardless of whether or not he can give her children.

It would crush her not to get to fulfill the role of being a mom, but that wouldn’t make her toss her fiancé out of her life.

fizkes – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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