He Doesn’t Want To Adapt His Annual “Meatstravaganza” Barbecue To Accommodate His Sister’s New Vegan Boyfriend, So She’s Threatening Not To Attend The Celebration Anymore

Still, his sister just didn’t agree and accused him of being both unsympathetic and exclusionary.

He tried to propose a compromise, suggesting that his sister’s boyfriend just bring his own food or use a separate grill to cook some vegan alternatives.

However, his sister said separating her boyfriend’s food from everyone else’s would be even more insulting.

So now, his sister is really angry at him and threatening not to attend this year’s event at all. Other family members have also taken her side, calling him “inhospitable” and “inflexible.”

“And my mom thinks I’m being a jerk,” he vented.

That’s why he’s now been left wondering if refusing to adapt his annual barbecue to accommodate his sister’s vegan boyfriend really is a jerky move.

Do you agree that his sister’s boyfriend should be accommodated? Or do you think altering an event that’s entirely based upon meat isn’t fair? What would you do in his shoes?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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