He Kicked His Sister And His Two Nieces Out Of His House Because His Sister Wasn’t Doing Anything To Help Fix Her Financial Or Living Situation

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It’s a very gracious thing to allow struggling family members to stay in your home during hard times so they can get back on their feet. However, it becomes extremely difficult if your home is very small.

One man recently kicked his sister and two nieces out of his and his girlfriend’s one-bedroom apartment, and now he feels guilty.

He’s 25 and lives with his girlfriend in a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. His 22-year-old sister has two daughters, ages five and two, with two men. Neither father is in the picture, although one is a bit more decent than the other.

For a while, his sister was living with their mom but was kicked out because his mom got tired of her not making any effort to pay rent or find a place of her own for her and her daughters. His sister doesn’t work but collects food stamps and child support payments.

A few weeks ago, after his mom kicked her out, he let his sister and her daughters stay with him and his girlfriend in their small apartment.

“My girlfriend was okay with this at the beginning, [as] she knows my sister has had it rough, being a young parent [with] no job and [having dealt] with one baby daddy who is completely neglectful of his kid,” he said.

“She and I converted our living into a large bedroom for them and helped them feel comfortable. That being said, I told my sister she has a month to figure things out. She was informed that she could stay longer if she showed me progress. She took the month to pretty much lounge around and not do [anything].”

His girlfriend works from home and watched his sister let her kids run wild while she tried to get work done. Additionally, his sister spent her child support on unnecessary items, while his girlfriend provided her kids with groceries and cooked meals for them.

Other than occasionally cleaning up their messes and taking them to a nearby park, his sister hardly did anything while staying in his house and made no effort to find a job or a different home.

KCULP – – illustrative purposes only

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