He Was Embarrassed That His Mom Wore A Crop Top To His High School Graduation Barbecue And Begged Her To Change, But His Sister Called Him Ageist And Fatphobic

myskina6 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Parents give their all when it comes to raising children, and from a young age, parents and their kids are practically bound by the hip.

Then, there comes a time when kids inevitably start to feel awkward around or embarrassed by their parents. For many, this shift occurs during the early teenage years, and it’s totally normal.

However, when is it okay to be embarrassed by a parent, and when does this awkwardness turn into rudeness more than anything else?

That’s what this 18-year-old young man is currently grappling with. He and his twin sister recently just graduated high school together. So, their parents decided to throw them both a graduation barbecue last weekend.

All of their friends and extended family were invited to the celebration, too. But he was really upset by what his mom chose to wear for the event.

For some context, his mom is 50-years-old and apparently wore a crop top to the barbecue.

“And I thought it was so inappropriate for someone of her age and size to wear something like that, especially in front of a bunch of teenagers,” he recalled.

That’s why he tried begging his mom to change into a different outfit. But, his mom pointed out how barely one inch of her midriff was showing in the crop top and refused to change. Rather, she just kept the crop top on and went along with the barbecue as planned.

Even one week later, though, he can’t get over how that made him feel during the graduation celebration.

myskina6 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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