Her Boyfriend Lied About Forgetting His Wallet To Make Her Pay For Dinner, So She Dumped Him

triocean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

On Mother’s Day, this 29-year-old woman’s 35-year-old boyfriend took her out for breakfast to celebrate.

When they were done eating, it dawned on her boyfriend that he had forgotten his wallet at home and couldn’t pay.

She said it wasn’t a big deal, and she paid for their breakfast. She truly wasn’t that upset, as she knows sometimes things like this just happen.

After breakfast, her boyfriend said they should watch a movie together, but instead, he passed out and took a nap in his car, so she told him he should catch up on rest instead.

Her boyfriend worked a 13-hour shift the night before, so she knew he had to be exhausted. While he napped, she cleaned her house and watched a couple of videos on her phone.

“Later, at 7 pm, I asked if we could go eat at my favorite spot, and he said sure,” she explained. “He looked for his wallet, which was in his shorts, and got ready.”

“We ordered the usual and when it was time to pay, he said he forgot his wallet. I was silent but surprised because I saw him grab his wallet while getting ready, but ok.”

“I paid, and we walked back to the car. During our ride home, he was gloating about how it’s been a great Mother’s Day for him. A free breakfast, a good long nap, and a free meal.”

He even joked about how his cousins were going to find it funny that he made her pay for everything for Mother’s Day.

triocean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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