Her Boyfriend Offered To Pay For Their Vacation, Then Expected Her To Split Their Expenses After They Got Home, But She Doesn’t Want To Because He Makes $90,000 A Year

Maridav - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Earlier this year, this 31-year-old woman told her boyfriend, who is 42, that she wanted to go on a vacation. She specifically wanted to travel to Florida sometime between February and March because her sister lives there, and she wanted to see manatees in a nearby local watering hole.

Well, at the time, her boyfriend – who works as the head of a program at a private university – asked if she would wait until the semester ended. That way, they could go on the trip together.

“Originally, I was planning to stay with my sister. No hotel, just driving to the springs, eating subs and healthy snacks along the way,” she recalled.

However, she agreed to wait until her boyfriend could also join her. Then, he began looking into different hotels.

Well, all the options he found were on the beach and cost a whopping $500 per night. At that point, she told her boyfriend no, claimed the rates were just too high, and said they shouldn’t visit Florida anymore.

Her boyfriend still wanted to go, though, so he said that he would pay for their hotel stay. Plus, he even told her “not to worry about that.”

So, she went along with his plan, and they went to Florida once her boyfriend’s semester was over.

“By this time, the manatees had all but left (I saw one), but I was okay because I got to see my sister and have a solid trip overall,” she said.

However, the very next day after she arrived home, her boyfriend added an itemized “shared expenses” section into their shared notes app – implying she needed to Venmo him for the trip expenses, which included their hotel, the restaurants her boyfriend picked out, and the one Uber ride they took.

Maridav – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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