Her Husband Got Angry After She Didn’t Ask The Person Next To Her To Switch Seats On The Plane

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When traveling on a plane, there are few worse feelings than getting seated next to someone who makes your flight unpleasant for one reason or another.

One woman recently upset her husband after refusing to ask the person sitting next to her on a flight if she could swap seats with her husband to make him more comfortable.

She and her husband, Thomas, are in their 20s and recently took a trip to visit her parents via plane. 

They booked ‘basic economy’ tickets, which meant they weren’t allowed to select their seats either way and would likely be sat in different places. However, their flight was only two hours, so they figured they’d be fine.

After boarding the plane for their flight home, which only had two seats per row, they realized they were both in aisle seats, just one row apart. 

She and Thomas agreed that if one of their seatmates didn’t show up, they’d sit next to each other.

“The seat next to me was empty when I sat down; however, Thomas’s seatmate was already in his row,” she said.

“When Thomas sat down, I noticed that his seatmate, a middle-aged woman, was very overweight and could not put the armrest between her and Thomas down.”

“She was probably taking up a third of his seat, and he was squished next to her. I felt bad for Thomas and hoped that my row would end up being empty so that he could move.”

nomadnes – – illustrative purposes only

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