Her Stepsister Slept With Her Fiancé, Then Married Him, And She’s Wearing Her Old Engagement Ring

Denys - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Five years ago, this 28-year-old woman was engaged to an older guy named Ryan, who is now 37. Sadly, their engagement ended after her stepsister Kelly pleaded with her not to get married since she was in love with Ryan, and the feelings were mutual.

Kelly stated that Ryan was too scared to end their engagement since he didn’t want to cause pain to her or her family.

She instantly went to Ryan, who denied everything Kelly said and played it off like Kelly was all over him but it wasn’t reciprocal. Ryan implored her not to believe a word Kelly said, and so she didn’t.

“Kelly grew resentful and made nasty comments about how I was forcing a man who didn’t even love me to marry me because I had low self-esteem constantly,” she explained.

“A month later, she sent me a video of them [sleeping together] in my bed and multiple screenshots of him telling her he loved her, how he wished she was the girl he was marrying, how he hated that I wouldn’t let them be together.”

“I was devastated and angry, but my best friend convinced me not to go nuclear on them and instead to quietly move out when Ryan was at work the next week. So that’s what I did. I contacted my dad and my stepmom and asked them if I could move in temporarily.”

She took off her engagement ring and left it behind, then pulled the money in the account she shared with Ryan that was earmarked for wedding expenses and put it in her own account.

The remaining balance she transferred to Ryan, and then she shut the account down. Once she had that finished, she took the evidence she had of Ryan and Kelly’s affair and sent it to every single one of their family members (and Ryan’s, too).

Ryan did his best to get her to take him back, but then she learned he used her engagement ring and proposed to Kelly with it, so she blocked him.

Denys – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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