He’s Supposed To Be Getting Married This Summer, But He’s Thinking Of Ending His Engagement

“In some ways, I feel like I’m better friends with her dad (who shares similar interests) than her, and when he dies, I won’t have that person.”

“I am afraid that I will build long-term resentment towards her…I’m definitely frustrated by it because I really want to spend time with her doing things I love together.”

The second issue with their relationship is that their physical contact is pretty much nonexistent. His fiancée also has sensory issues.

They have had conversations in the past about this topic and how important it is to him, but nothing ends up changing, and that’s what worries him the most about moving ahead with marrying her.

Tying into the romance issues, his fiancée won’t send him steamy photos or flirty messages, even though he has asked. She actually used to do this when they first started dating, but it died out over time.

He loves buying his fiancée athleisure outfits, which he thinks are hot, or brand new lingerie, but she refuses to wear it.

“I tell her not to change out of her work clothes (because I like them) so I can take her out of them, but she just goes and puts on a big sweatshirt,” he added.

Getting to the last thing on his list, they argue constantly. His fiancée comes home from work and instantly starts relaxing, which is fine, but if he fails to complete a chore for the day, it sparks an enormous fight.

For example, she will pick a fight with him over not emptying the dishwasher during the day, even though he works from home and is actually working, so he doesn’t have time.

Then his fiancée will say she will do it, but that means she has to make dinner after that, and it will be ready later. She will spend the rest of the evening in an awful mood, and so will he because she ruined it.

“I’m not a saint, I know that, but I really hate getting nitpicked, especially after I offer to fix the issue,” he continued.

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