His Best Friend Confessed That She’s In Love With Him, But He Said He Can’t Be With Her Since He’s In The Military

Camerene Pendl/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For more than 17 years, this 40-year-old man has been close with his 39-year-old female best friend.

They live exceptionally far apart from one another, but the physical distance has never impacted their friendship.

She has always been his closest and most treasured friend throughout all the years they have known one another.

She ended up getting married, and so did he, but then they both went through divorces. He got divorced five years ago after his wife cheated on him. His best friend’s divorce is quite recent, and it’s taken a terrible toll on her and her three teenage children.

His best friend’s ex-husband was an awful person, and his best friend never had it easy because of that.

When his best friend’s divorce was complete, he went to stay with her for a little bit to help her try to unwind all of her stress.

They had a wonderful time, and then, when he had to return home, she confessed that she’s in love with him.

“Under normal circumstances, I’d be very happy about this. However, I’m in the Military,” he explained.

“Part of the conditions of her divorce is she has to stay in her home state because of custody of her children and her alimony. I tried to tell her that due to my job I don’t get to pick where I live, or even when I would be home. She wasn’t hearing any of it.”

Camerene Pendl/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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