She Got Married Six Weeks Ago, But Now Her Husband Wants To Be Single

Deidre - - illustrative purposes only

It’s coming up on nine years so far that this 28-year-old woman has been with her 31-year-old husband.

They actually got married six weeks ago, and she characterizes their relationship as brimming with joy and love. She can honestly say they have an excellent bond.

What they dream of their futures looking like aligns, and they also share common viewpoints on things like ambition and money.

Over the years, they have squabbled on occasion, but they have not encountered any insurmountable problems.

“We both love each other’s families, and they love us,” she explained. “Everyone always said they were jealous of our relationship because it seemed so effortless (and it was!).”

“We got married about 6 weeks ago, and everything leading up to that point seemed fine. We had a wonderful wedding day, and both read heartfelt vows and cried during the ceremony.”

“I had no reason to believe anything was wrong. About 2 weeks after the wedding, we started talking more about the honeymoon (which we planned to take later in the year) and other plans, and he seemed very uneasy about making future plans; [he] started saying that we shouldn’t rush and that we just got married and to take it easy.”

This confused her, as she was not being quick about anything, and they had already discussed going on their honeymoon seven months after having their wedding.

But then, her husband admitted to her that he was freaked out over being married to her at all. It dawned on him that he’s not sure he wants to be married.

Deidre – – illustrative purposes only

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