She Told Her Roommate That Her Boyfriend Shouldn’t Sleep Over Five Nights In A Row Each Week, And It Created Some Tension In Their Friendship

Strelciuc - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 24-year-old woman and her roommate, who is also 24, have been living together for nearly seven months now. Prior to moving in together, they were also close friends.

But, a few months ago, her roommate’s boyfriend started staying over pretty often. It’s since become a pretty consistent thing, too, and she’s getting annoyed about it.

In the beginning, her roommate’s boyfriend would just stay over two or three nights a week. Now, it has increased to three to five nights a week – and his sleepovers are always consecutive over the weekend when they have two days off from work.

Apparently, her roommate’s boyfriend only stays at her place because he lives with his parents, so they aren’t as comfortable going to his place.

Regardless, she has various issues with this arrangement. First of all, to her, it feels like sleeping over five nights a week makes it as though her roommate’s boyfriend practically lives with them.

“And I have a boyfriend as well, but I feel like three nights consecutively is the max before I feel like I may be allowing him to overstay his welcome, and that only happens maybe every two to three weeks,” she explained.

Not to mention, their lease explicitly states that people cannot stay over for more than four days in a row if they aren’t also listed on the lease.

“Our neighbors have texted our landlord before to question if a new person was living here when we had people watching the house while on vacation, which caused my property manager to message me about it,” she revealed.

“They watch closely, and I don’t want this to be an issue.”

Strelciuc – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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