She’s Been Ignoring Her Husband Ever Since He Came Home Wearing A Shirt That His “Work Wife” Bought Him

neonshot - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever been so close with another coworker that, after everything you’ve been through, you call them your ‘work spouse?’

While many people have done that throughout the years, it gets a bit uncomfortable when an actual spouse is waiting for them back at home.

One woman recently gave her husband the silent treatment after she found out he was wearing a shirt gifted to him by his female coworker, who he calls his ‘work wife.’

She and her husband are in their 30s and have been together for five years. Last year, her husband was assigned a new role at work and has been working closely with a young woman named Chelsea, who is in her 20s.

She had known Chelsea for years and knew her and her family before she married her husband, as she is friends with Chelsea’s brother. Then, when her husband started working with Chelsea closely, she started hearing about her more often. 

For years, before Chelsea and her husband worked together, Chelsea rubbed her the wrong way. Unfortunately, things have only gotten worse.

“[Chelsea has] increasingly pushed my limits of comfortability, and I frankly just don’t trust her,” she explained.

“I’ve known Chelsea and her family for years prior to my marriage, and I wasn’t keen on her then either. She does and says strange things that I don’t believe are malicious, but it’s almost like she wants to be a second wife to him. I don’t feel insecure about her, but I feel creeped out.”

She noticed that Chelsea began calling and texting her husband all the time, and she wasn’t only reaching out about work. Recently, when her husband’s mom passed away, Chelsea began calling and texting her to ask how he was doing, telling her she had been “crying every day thinking about him.” On top of that, Chelsea would tell her how badly she wanted to hug her husband.

neonshot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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