She’s Not Allowing Her Half-Sister To Wear Anything From Her Mom On Her Wedding Day, Since Her Half-Sister Was The Product Of An Affair

Kirill - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

In 2025, this 30-year-old woman’s 23-year-old half-sister will be having her wedding. She and her half-sister share the same dad, yet have different moms.

“She’s actually the child he had after an affair while married to my mom,” she explained. “My parents divorced when my mom learned dad had cheated on her, and things became more tense after she found out the person he cheated with had gotten pregnant.”

“My dad told her that the other woman was out of the picture and my mom could have a second child she always wanted and we could be a family. I was there for part of the conversation because Dad wanted me to “be excited for a sibling” and thought it would win my mom over.”

“My mom stood firm with dad. Dad would tell my half-sister that we had the same mom. He’d talk like that around me and tell me to shut it when I told him to stop lying. He also told me mom could be a kind person and step up for a child who had no mother (according to him, the affair partner found someone else to be the affair partner and didn’t want to know my half-sister).”

Her mom actually never got to meet her half-sister, as she wanted nothing to do with the little girl.

Then, when she was 11, her mom sadly passed away, so she was sent to go live with her dad. A year after that, her dad got remarried, and he still kept on telling her half-sister that they had the same mom.

Any chance of her forming a bond with her half-sister was ruined by her dad’s lie since her half-sister refused to believe her when she told the truth about them not having the same mom.

Her half-sister grew to hate her when she wouldn’t give her photos of her mom or things that belonged to her mom.

Her dad’s new wife never fulfilled a motherly role for her half-sister, though this woman desperately tried. Her half-sister was too enamored with her own late mom to try to allow someone else in.

Kirill – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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