She’s Not Allowing Her Stepdaughter In Her Home Anymore Because Her Stepdaughter Has Lice And Refuses To Cut Her Hair To Take Care Of The Issue

In response, she bluntly told Anna that she couldn’t allow her to be around the baby while she had lice. Her baby’s head is fragile and still has a soft spot, so she couldn’t use a lice comb on her baby or any other lice treatment. She told Anna that if she didn’t agree to cut her hair, she couldn’t spend time with the baby because, in her view, this was a reasonable compromise.

During the conversation, she lectured Anna that she was at the age where she should be combing through her hair by herself, so she advised that she do that from now on. Anna was furious and marched off to her bedroom. Thirty minutes later, Anna’s mom called her in a rage.

“Her mother stated that I’m ‘ignorant’ to try forcing her kid to chop her hair off over an issue that they are ‘taking care of’ and said, ‘These things take time, but you’d rather traumatize her, ruin her self-image, and threaten to keep the baby away from her instead of be an actual parent and help,” she shared.

She chose not to respond to this verbal attack and hung up. After the phone call, she updated Matt on what was happening and said he needed to deal with the situation. She told him Anna wasn’t allowed at their house until her lice were gone because she couldn’t risk the baby getting lice.

Over the last two months, Anna’s mother only used a treatment once and combed Anna’s hair twice, forcing her to do the rest of the work while she was feeding and caring for a baby. Anna doesn’t only have a “‘few bugs'” in her hair.

When she initially combed through Anna’s hair, the comb was filled with lice, which fell onto the floor and her. In her view, Anna’s lice was a sign of neglect. Because Anna’s mom was unemployed, she had no reasonable excuse not to fix the problem.

Matt was furious because Anna enjoyed coming to the house to spend time with the baby even while he was deployed, so he thought it was unfair for her not to allow Anna at the house anymore. Others familiar with the issue are angry and have accused her of distancing herself from Anna and “‘replacing'” her with a baby.

What advice would you give her?

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