These Date Ideas Are Still Fun While Being Alcohol-Free

It’s a sweet way to enjoy some arts and culture with your date while staying sober and clear-minded.

A classic coffee date

If you and your date have time to see each other during the day, meeting them at a coffee shop is a great idea, especially for a first date.

It’s a lot like the “going out for drinks” setting, except instead of going to a crowded bar in the evening, you can enjoy the peacefulness of a cute cafe in the afternoon.

A sports game

Whether it’s a smaller local team or a big professional game, attending a sports game with a date can be very fun.

It’s another environment where you can still enjoy each other’s company while enjoying the game’s atmosphere. Eat some hotdogs, scream some chants, and have a good time.

An at-home movie night

This is a sweet date idea and great for anyone trying to date on a budget. Have your date come over and watch a movie neither of you has seen yet. You can get takeout food or buy some popcorn, candy, and soda and enjoy a cozy night from the comfort of your own home.

These are just a few of the many dates you can go on that don’t involve drinking. While you may feel most comfortable with a drink in your hand during these kinds of occasions, it wouldn’t hurt to get to know someone without any stimulants. Have fun!

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