Here’s How To Make A Rainbow Grilled Cheese To Brighten Up Your Day

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One of my favorite foods will forever be a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s the ultimate comfort food, with buttery toasted bread and delicious gooey melted cheese. 

While a classic grilled cheese is always going to be reliable and easy to whip up, I’d like to have a throwback moment and remind you about the rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches that filled our social media feeds back in the day.

The rainbow grilled cheese, a creation filled with tye-dye-looking colorful cheeses, first gained popularity when Instagram food blogger @hxfoodiexblogger shared photos of a uniquely flavored rainbow grilled cheese from a restaurant in Hong Kong named Kala Toast. 

Their rainbow grilled cheese was beautiful-looking and extra special in its preparation, as every cheese color had its own flavor.

Some of the flavor profiles found in their sandwich were basil, lavender, tomato, and straight-up cheese.

After the concept of a rainbow grilled cheese took off, people began making their own versions with different types of bread and cheese, often omitting the unique flavors of the original and sticking with a more classic flavor.

As we get closer to summer and want to feed our kids (or our inner children) more fun foods or even celebrate Pride month with rainbow-colored fun, it’s time to bring the rainbow grilled cheese sandwich back.

If you’re interested in enjoying a rainbow grilled cheese this summer, here’s how to make one.

Rainbow Grilled Cheese

peterkai – – illustrative purposes only

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