He Slept With His Friend’s Wife, Even Though His Friend Is Leaving Her For Another Woman

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Ever since he was only eight, this 30-year-old man has been close to his friend named Mike. Their parents are great friends, and he and Mike also went to college together for a semester until Mike dropped out to pursue a different degree.

Back in college, Mike met his now-wife, Lana. He ended up getting close to Lana as a friend since Mike was with her.

Mike and Lana got married while he was in Belgium for grad school, and he was able to make it to their wedding. He says Mike and Lana always appeared like the picture-perfect couple.

A couple of months ago, he moved to the city where Mike and Lana live for a job. He honestly only took this job to be close to Mike and Lana, and they have been so helpful to him ever since he moved.

Work has been busier than he anticipated, so he hasn’t been able to spend as much time with Mike and Lana. Three weeks ago, Mike called him up to mention he’s divorcing Lana, and he was completely shocked by the news.

He had no idea that Mike and Lana were even having problems in their marriage, so he met up with Mike to talk in person.

Mike revealed that he met another woman, who actually is a coworker. He met her several times when he had lunch with Mike in his office.

Mike claims that over the last six months, his marriage with Lana has gone downhill, and after Lana’s mom passed away, that only made things worse.

He always had so much respect for Mike, but that went out the window when Mike said he was not interested in working on his marriage and instead will be leaving Lana for the new woman he likes.

aspenphoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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