He Wants To Divorce His Cheating Wife, But If He Does, Her Health Will Suffer As She Will Be Forced To Move Back To Their Country

carlesiturbe - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For the last couple of years, this 35-year-old man has been living in America with his wife, who is the same age as him. Originally, they are from a third-world country.

Back when he first met his wife, he knew she was quite sick. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at 17, and his wife came into his life a decade later.

His wife was unable to attend college or hold a job due to her diagnosis and spent many years of her life stuck in her bed.

In their home country, there are, unfortunately, not many doctors who understand how to treat multiple sclerosis, so people suffer and have a greatly reduced lifespan.

Although his wife was quite ill, she still shone as one of the bravest people he has ever met in his life.

“She was very positive, determined, and one of the hardest workers I had ever met, even being sick most of the time,” he explained.

“We got married, and about a year later, I got offered a job in the United States, and I took it, and we moved here.”

“I was ecstatic because my wife would, for the first time in her life, have available the necessary doctors, tests, and medications that would be needed to treat MS. My wife was also very happy because she also wanted to go back to university, which was her dream but [she] had been too ill to do back home.”

Upon arriving in America, his wife was able to find a doctor who helped her and put her on a medication that is not available in their country.

carlesiturbe – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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