Her Daughter Ended Her Engagement Two Weeks Ago After Falling In Love With Her Prison Pen Pal

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This 47-year-old woman has a 22-year-old daughter who had a wonderful life. She was recently accepted into dental school and was planning her wedding, but now she says her daughter is throwing her life away for a 29-year-old incarcerated man she insists is her soulmate.

Close to a year ago, her daughter began writing letters to people in prison, as she thought being a pen pal would be a nice way to “keep them company.”

She was initially uneasy about her daughter wanting to do this for several reasons, and she got her a P.O. Box so she wouldn’t be letting incarcerated people have access to her real address.

Now, her daughter was engaged to her high school sweetheart, whom she has one child with. They are currently pregnant with their second child and got engaged six months ago.

A month back, her daughter mentioned she was going to be going on a break from her fiancé, but then two weeks ago, her daughter ended her engagement and left him completely.

“He’s a complete wreck. He told me it hurts that his family that he created with my daughter is now broken,” she explained.

“He feels so blindsided, as do I because I believed my daughter was truly in love, but she wasn’t; she wasn’t happy. I’ve been very supportive of my daughter during this whole situation, that is until she told me she was already in a new relationship. I was taken aback.”

“I obviously started questioning her about it, and she confessed that she had fallen for one of the prisoners she’s written to; in fact, they’ve been together for 3 months. It makes me sick to my stomach even typing this out right now because I just can’t believe it.”

Her daughter has been writing to this incarcerated man for the last eight months, and her daughter says she has only come to fall further in love with him.

Samantha’s Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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