Her Husband Called Her Horrible For Not Including His Kids In Her Will

Kanea - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Ever since this 51-year-old woman was 28, she has been battling a cancer diagnosis. The cancer has come back for a third time lately, and she says that nowadays, she’s just “comfortably” trying to live with it.

She has two daughters who are in their 20s from her first marriage, and one of her daughters is a widow with three kids.

She got married two years ago to her husband, and he has four kids from a previous relationship, too.

One of her stepkids is 19 and still living at home with her and her husband, while the rest of her stepkids are older and out of the house.

“It’s been weighing heavy on my mind to make sure everything’s in order in case of the worst and I had told my husband I had planned to leave everything to my children and grandchildren,” she explained.

“I wanted to make sure they were set. He got upset and said that was horrible because I married a man knowing he had children. That what I was doing was horrible and would make them feel unloved.”

She loves her stepchildren dearly, but her husband makes fantastic money as an oral surgeon, so if he leaves everything to his kids, they will be set.

In comparison, she feels obligated to leave everything to her daughters, especially since her widowed daughter is a single mom who could use the extra help.

Ever since she filled her husband in on what she wants to do with her money, he’s been wildly upset with her.

Kanea – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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