Her Partner And His Mom Forced Their Kids To Eat Meat At Breakfast, So She Said His Mother Needed To Get A Return Flight Home

Olga Miltsova - - illustrative purposes only

When you start feeding your kids a specific diet, you would hope that your close friends and family who volunteer to watch them will respect that diet.

Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

One woman recently told her partner that his mom, who was in town for a long visit, would have to leave after she encouraged him to force their kids to eat meat even though they’re pescatarians.

She and her partner have two kids, ages eight and five. For the last fifteen years, she’s been a pescatarian, meaning the only meat she eats is fish. Her partner was a pescatarian for five years. So, they decided to raise their kids on a pescatarian diet when they had kids.

However, her partner recently started eating all kinds of meat again, and she feels it’ll be up to her kids to decide whether or not they want to eat other types of meat themselves as they get older.

Recently, her partner’s mom, who she’s struggled to get along with for years, came into town with a one-way ticket. Her partner wanted his mom to stay with her and the kids while he was away for a month-long business trip.

But before her partner even left, an incident happened that made her very upset.

“In the meantime, he took our kids out for breakfast with his mom, who always pressures us about our eating habits, and basically forced my daughter to eat meat,” she explained.

“[My daughter] asked if it was the veggie meat she liked, [and] he said no and put it on her plate and told her to eat it. She said no, [but] he insisted, and she had stomach problems for her 8th birthday because of it. He didn’t even tell me this happened; [it was] my kids who said, ‘Dad made me eat meat.’ He insisted it was no big deal when I was upset.”

Olga Miltsova – – illustrative purposes only

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