His Wife Abused Adderall While Pregnant, And Spent Her Life Savings On It, So He’s Contemplating Divorce

Yakobchuk Olena - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s been close to four years now that this man has been with his 27-year-old wife, and he just found out a horrible secret she’s been keeping from him.

He’s so angry with his wife, but he’s waiting until he can calm down enough to decide if divorcing her is the right course of action. It certainly is on the table for him, but he wants to have a clear head first before moving forward.

His wife has been addicted to Adderall for the last five years and has been using dangerous doses every day. He also learned that his wife was abusing this ADHD medication during a planned pregnancy.

They did IVF to have their baby, and he can’t understand why his wife would agree to this while knowingly doing something that could have harmed their child.

His wife actually lowered her own legitimate dose to trick him into thinking she was doing something good while carrying their baby.

But in reality, his wife was purchasing three more prescriptions from her friends and family on top of her own dose and abusing them all.

His wife blew through her entire life savings purchasing prescriptions and has no money left to her name, which was an added shock.

He’s left feeling numb and horrified. While he has spoken to a divorce lawyer, he’s trying to sort through his feelings instead of being impulsive.

He and his wife have separate finances, so his savings are safe. He thinks this is a blessing but also a curse as if they had joint finances, he would have been able to find out about his wife’s Adderall abuse far earlier than he did.

Yakobchuk Olena – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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