His Wife Confessed She Had A One-Night Stand Last Weekend

FotoAndalucia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Nine years ago, this 32-year-old man started dating his 30-year-old wife Kate, and four years ago, they got married.

He characterizes their marriage as supportive, incredible, and full of love. He and Kate communicate well, rarely disagree, and make time to have a strong physical connection.

The topic of cheating has come up in the past, and he made it crystal clear to Kate that if she ever cheated on him, he would leave her.

Last weekend, Kate went to visit her family, which she typically does. On Friday evening, before Kate left, they got into a little tiff about organizing the house, so he didn’t speak to her much at all on Saturday.

However, he knew she was headed out to a bar that night to meet up with her friends, and he had no reason not to trust Kate’s intentions.

Prior to falling asleep on Saturday, he texted Kate, saying he wished she was having a great evening with her friends.

On Sunday morning, he was surprised to wake up to a missed call from Kate. She had tried to call him at 4 a.m.

He called her back to see if she was alright, but she didn’t pick up the phone. Several hours went by and he attempted to call Kate a couple more times without a response.

Finally, she reached out to say everything was ok, and she was planning on driving home shortly. When Kate got home, she looked like a disaster.

FotoAndalucia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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