She Canceled Her Boyfriend’s Flight Home And Left Him On Their Florida Vacation Because He Kept Comparing Her To Other Beautiful Women In Miami

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It’s hurtful enough for your partner, who’s supposed to love you unconditionally, to insult your appearance. It’s even more hurtful if they do it while you’re on what’s supposed to be a relaxing vacation.

One woman recently left her boyfriend in a different state after he insulted her appearance while they were on vacation.

She’s 26 and recently booked a trip to Miami for her and her 30-year-old boyfriend. Because he had little to no money, she took care of all the accommodations, including their plane tickets and hotel.

Unfortunately, instead of being grateful and singing her praises, her boyfriend was horrible to her on the vacation. The worst thing he did was constantly compare her to some of the gorgeous, model-esque women in Miami and tell her she should look more like them.

“Now, I don’t wear a lot of makeup, and I’m comfortable with my natural look, she said.

“I believe in embracing authenticity and loving myself as I am. However, my boyfriend seemed infatuated with these women who looked like models. He couldn’t stop mentioning how much better I’d look if I put in more effort, like this girl right here or that girl over there, which made me feel inadequate and insecure. Hearing your boyfriend of three years say, ‘You’d be more attractive if you looked like her,doesn’t make a woman feel good at all.”

The moment that made her flip happened while they were out to dinner one night, and he told her she should show more skin and wear more makeup.

I decided to switch up the scenario and told him that if I’m expected to look better, then he needs to lose some weight and maybe work on getting ahead of his hereditary male pattern baldness a courtesy of his father, she recalled.

“After this, he had a loud outburst, essentially berating me for not looking as attractive as the women around us. I was crushed. Here I was, trying to enjoy a vacation with someone I cared about, only to be publicly humiliated for not fitting some superficial standard of beauty.”

Tomas – – illustrative purposes only

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