She Doesn’t Have That Much Money, Yet Her Mom Expects Her To Take Care Of Her

F8 \ Suport Ukraine - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

According to this 29-year-old woman, she’s not exactly well-off when it comes to money. She lives in a one bedroom basement apartment along with her 28-year-old husband.

They each have jobs, but they don’t make a lot at them, as they were unable to get college degrees since their families gave them no financial help.

She and her husband also thought it was foolish to go into debt for college, which furthered their desire not to pursue that route.

Where they happen to live, the cost of everything is extraordinarily high. While she and her husband can make ends meet, they hardly have any money left over after paying for their bills.

Now, her 59-year-old mom never really worked when she was a kid, and because of that, they filed for bankruptcy, lost their car, and lost their home.

She then had to move from America to Canada and live with her grandma just to be able to complete her final two years of high school.

She currently still lives in Canada, while her mom never left America. Her parents also got divorced, by the way, when she was four, and it was just her and her mom after that.

“When I lived with my mom, she made me do pretty much everything for her: cooking, cleaning, helping her get ready, etc.,” she explained.

“She was also always flipping out emotionally at me, screaming and crying. I was barely ever at school on time or anything I was required to attend because of her emotional freakouts. I was really depressed in my childhood because of this.”

F8 \ Suport Ukraine – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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